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    The key components of our strategy are to:

    Continue and Expand our focus on providing unique solutions for large, complex projects with the leading companies in each of our segments

    In general, large and complex projects, such as construction of industrial plants, hydroelectric facilities and other large infrastructure projects, face obstacles that can be overcome more efficiently with customized and unique engineering solutions. We intend to expand our activity, particularly in the Heavy Construction division, on such complex projects, focusing on our capacity to provide quality, innovative and efficient solutions to our clients and thereby to reduce overall project duration and costs. We believe that this strategy promotes client loyalty, allows us to justify premium prices for value-added services, increases our portfolio of completed projects, enables our participation in the initial stages of each project, and widens the array of alternatives we can offer to our clients.

    Increase sales to existing clients and benefit from synergies among our business units

    We expect to offer more services to our existing clients by exploring potential synergies among our business units. We believe we can further strengthen our relationship with clients and increase the value we add to their projects in several critical ways. For example, there are synergies between our business units through the provision of motorized access equipment to civil construction sites and industrial plants.

    Increase the equipment penetration of Rental business unit in the Non-Construction market

    We believe that there is a low utilization of aerial platforms in the industrial segment. We want to understand the value chain of companies in this sector to provide solutions that increase the productivity in the customer site at various stages of the production process.

    Focus on operational efficiency in our operations

    We expect to continue strengthening our result-oriented management model, constantly monitoring our indicators and promoting meritocracy.

    Pursue opportunistic, strategic acquisitions

    We intend, subject to favorable economic conditions, to opportunistically pursue strategic acquisitions in attractive markets that strengthen our value to our clients and shareholders. We are constantly studying acquisition opportunities that are complementary to our service offerings, geographic footprint and areas of expertise.

    Invest in human resources, technology, project management skills and safety policies

    As a specialty engineering service provider, we believe that investments in people, processes and systems are key to our ability to offer larger and increasingly complex services and safer solutions to our clients, reduce costs, increase our efficiency and competitiveness, and maintain our leadership position in the market. We intend to maintain our policy of carefully selecting new employees (particularly in engineering) and continuously training and investing in our people, because we believe that the technical quality of our personnel is one of our strongest competitive advantages.

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